Coroneos Publications was commenced by the late Jim Coroneos, one of Australia’s leading mathematics authors. Jim wrote many books for all Years/Grades from Primary School through to the end of Secondary School, principally for courses in NSW, but also in other states. These books have sold over 1 million copies.

Our Publications

The Early Basic Skills Series by Daphne Ferguson - a series of books introducing reading skills. These are available with NSW, Queensland and Victorian fonts.

The Basic Skills Series by Peter Howard & Associates - a series of over 120 books for Pre-School/Prep to Year/Grade 10 - these are very popular in the Australian and New Zealand markets for parents to use at home to help in their children's education, and for teachers to use in class. They are being increasingly used in other countries.

The Excellence Series by Peter Howard - a series of books from Kindergarten up to junior secondary level which are very good for extending students with work which is generally beyond their year level.

Coroneos Maths Books - at all levels of ability for students in Years 9, 10, 11 & 12, written by Jim Coroneos, one of Australia's top mathematics authors. Used extensively by students and teachers in NSW and throughout Australia and, with schools in many other countries. Unsurpassed for attention to detail, these books give more examples and graded exercises than any other book worldwide.

Australian Homeschooling Series by Valerie and Frank Marett - a series of books popularly used by those homeschooling but also used by many other students for extra practice.

NAPLAN* Format Practice Books for Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 - books of sample questions designed by teachers based on what they have seen in NAPLAN test papers

HSC Past Papers - in all levels of Mathematics, Sciences and Business Studies - these include worked solutions / model answers to recent HSC Exams and are reissued at the end of each year with the latest HSC paper and solutions included.