Peter Howard is an ex-primary school principal and Australia's leading author of many widely used teaching aids and school text books including the Basic Skills series and the Excellence series.

The late Jim Coroneos was one of Australia's leading Mathematics authors and publishers. His maths texts and test papers are appreciated by teachers and students alike.

Dr. Barbara Wardman is a psychologist and former Director of Guidance of a well-known independent school in Sydney.

Arthur Baillie is an ex-primary school principal and inspector. He is well-known author of primary school texts.

Heather Baillie is an experienced teacher at lower primary level.

Graeme Wilson is a well-known author of primary and secondary textbooks in social science, geography and science.

Julin Tan is an an outstanding Mathematics teacher and author.

Desise Tyras is a teacher and author of the Early Learning Skills Series.

Frank & Valerie Marett are parents of 6 children and have homeschooled for over 20 years.