Basic Skills - Kindergarten (Basic Skills No. 50)

Author: Peter Howard, Publisher: Coroneos Publications

Basic Skills Kindergarten is a course that begins with pen and pencil skills, sometimes called 'motor skills'. This is followed by reading and writing the alphabet in the 'Foundation Style' of lettering. Children should be encouraged to sound each letter - a for apple etc. A thorough knowledge of the single letter sounds will form a firm foundation for Year 1. The recognition and writing of numbers 1 to 9 is also an important skill that should be learnt. This book includes basic counting and some simple addition and subtraction. Other mathematical concepts and vocabulary are introduced.

The parent must read all instructions to the child and discuss each page of work. The child is largely being trained to use a pen or pencil and with plenty of practice skills in drawing lines, curves, circles etc and even colouring within lines should improve.

Peter Howard is an ex-primary school principal and author of many widely used school teaching aids and resources.

More Information
Year Level Kindergarten
ISBN 9781862940635
Subject English