Basic Skills Maths & Language Problems Level 3 Yrs 5-8 (Basic Skills No. 119)

Author: Peter Howard, Publisher: Coroneos Publications

Basic Skills Mathematics and Language Problems Level 3 (for years 5 to 8) has been created for children who enjoy the challenge of solving puzzles. Unlike many of the Basic Skills books, most of the solutions are in boxes or grids to permit cross-checking as each example is attempted.

Throughout the series, which includes two other lower levels, the puzzles are based on mathematics and language skills at appropriate levels of difficulty. Hopefully children will have hours of fun, and those who seek selection to selective schools will improve their ability to tackle similar problems often set in these and other kinds of examinations.

Peter Howard is an ex-primary school principal and author of many widely used school textbooks and teaching aids.

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Year Level Year 5, Year 6, Year 7, Year 8
ISBN 9781862941298
Subject English, Maths