Complete 2 Unit Mathematics Course in 1 Volume (Item no. 16)

Author: Jim Coroneos, Publisher: Coroneos Publications
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This text contains the following chapters:

  1. Basic Arithmetic
  2. Basic Algebra
  3. Plane Geometry - Straight Lines
  4. Further Algebra
  5. Functions, Graphs and Regions
  6. Triangle Trigonemetry
  7. Analytical Geometry
  8. Further Algebra, Trigonometry, Analytical Geometry
  9. Sequences, Series and Their Applications
  10. Introductory Calculus
  11. The Quadratic Polynomial
  12. Geometrical Applications of the Derivative
  13. Locus and Parabola
  14. Integration: Areas and Volumes
  15. The Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
  16. The Trigonometric Functions
  17. Applications of Calculus to the Physical World
  18. Probability
  19. Answers

The text has the following helpful features:

  • Revision of Earlier Work: Chapters 1 to 7 thoroughly covers the basic work included in the course for Years 7 to 10, also included in the 2 and 3 Unit courses for Years 11 and 12. (For the convenience of mature students, and students who have "missed out", these chapters assume no prior knowledge in any section). Students who are well prepared by the end of Year 10 need not work through these chapters in detail.
  • The text includes a significant number of worked solutions.
  • Exercises have been carefully graded and modified to give students plenty of valuable practice for all students - from the weakest to the strongest.
  • The answer section is comprehensive - answers are as detailed and helpful as possible to help students correcting their work to understand where they may have gone wrong.
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Year Level Year 11, Year 12
ISBN 9781862940154
Subject Maths, Mathematics (2 Unit)