First Phonics Yrs K to 3 (Basic Skills No. 111)

Author: Peter Howard, Publisher: Coroneos Publications
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Foreword by Peter Howard

This book is suitable for a child who first wants to read. It is essentially a tool for the parent to introduce words that are read phonetically - unlike the so called 'look-see' method where words are memorised from visual patterns.

A start should be made by learning the 'beginning' sounds of letters - a for apple etc. Although there is a need to learn the names of letters, it is the sounds that are more important. By blending these sounds, many simple words can be written or read. Then comes the harder task of learning all the different letter and vowel combinations. Help your child by thoroughly reading and revising the list of words before moving onto the next page. If the whole book is mastered, then he or she will be a reasonably competent reader. Like most activities, reading develops with constant pactice, and I suggest that you move on to Phonic Reading/Spelling (Basic Skills No. 60) and My First 1000 Reading and Spelling Words (Basic Skills No. 75).

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Year Level Kindergarten, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3
ISBN 9781862941212
Subject Early Years, English