Handwriting Practice Yrs 3 to 4 (Basic Skills No. 84)

Author: Peter Howard, Publisher: Coroneos Publications
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This book is designed to give children at Years 3 to 4 Level practice in the N.S.W. Foundation Style handwriting. At school all children have handwriting lessons. They are taught correct posture - to sit up almost straight, with feet placed firmly flat on the floor and arms resting on the desk or table. They are encouraged to hold a pen or pencil by the index finger and thumb while resting it on the middle finger.

At home, where this book will probably be used, it will suffice to give a child a double page of handwriting in the book each week. There is no reason why this cannot be extended to writing the same text on plain paper for additional practice. Make sure that the light is adequate and there are no shadows. If a child does have poor handwriting then hopefully it will improve with much practice. However, where possible, try to encourage rather than discourage the child’s efforts.

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Year Level Year 3, Year 4
ISBN 9781862940888
Subject Early Years, Handwriting