Introductory Creative Writing Yrs K to 3 (Basic Skills No. 114)

Author: Peter Howard, Publisher: Coroneos Publications
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Basic Skills Introductory Creative Writing has been created to encourage children to practise writing words and sentences. The book is in a structured and graded format so it can be easily corrected. It should be used before Basic Skills First Creative Writing (#89), by Peter Howard. As it is aimed at achildren who have just learnt to read, it is inevitable that they will make spelling mistakes in words that are not given in multiple choice form.

These errors should be corrected in red biro and the child should be asked to rewrite the word correctly. This will encourage good habits in the future when he or she is able to use a dictionary.

Instructions at the top of the page are for the parent.

Peter Howard is an ex-primary school principal and author of many widely used school teaching aids and text books.

More Information
Year Level Kindergarten, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3
Date of Publication 2000
ISBN 9781862941236
Subject Early Years, English
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