My First Reading 1000 Reading/Spelling Words Yrs 1 to 3 (Basic Skills No. 75)

Author: Peter Howard, Publisher: Coroneos Publications
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My First 1000 Reading and Spelling Words is an activity book which provides a comprehensive range of material for children to practise reading, writing and spelling of words. The author believes that a thorough knowledge of phonics is essential to enable a child to properly analyse words into their phonic patterns and combine them to make whole words. Single or beginning sound consonants must be mastered first, followed by blending these consonants with single vowels.

Then the various consonant and vowel combinations should be learnt so the child is made aware and familiarised with the various families of sounds.

The book includes the 750 words, generally accepted by researchers in Britain and the U.S.A., as being the easiest and most frequently used. Some modification has been made of these words for Australia. In addition, over 250 more words have been added to give more practice with family groupings. On the last page of the book are the old 1200 N.S.W. spelling words listed alphabetically and in order of size. These words were, until recently, prescribed for years 1, 2 and 3. Most of these words are found in this book. The author feels that the contents form an excellent foundation in reading and spelling for children up to the level of Year 3 (for ages 6-9 years).

The instructions on each page in bold type are for the parent to read and explain.

He or she can help by listening to the child read. With discussion and encouragement, the child can be guided towards the right answers to questions and exercises. It is advisable to child can read and possibly spell all the words in the book.

The Australian animals have been introduced to provide some fun and motivation.

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Year Level Year 1, Year 2, Year 3
ISBN 9781862940772
Subject Early Years, English