Revise Your Phonics 1 (Australian Homeschooling Series) (Item No. 524)

Author: Valerie Marett, Publisher: Coroneos Publications
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Intended to revise the phonics, including the rules, for this age group. Should be completed by all children sometime during these grades.

This book revises th, ng, sh, wh, ee, ar, oa, multiple a, silent b, multiple e, silent h, multiple I, multiple y, doubling rule, multiple u, multiple o, other sounds x, s, wh, km, wr, ch, other sounds c and g, ck, dge, tch, ed, or.

Answers included.

More Information
Year Level Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6
Edition N/A
Date of Publication N/A
ISBN 9781921565229
Subject English
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