Vocabulary Builder Level 2 Years 5 - 8 (Basic Skills No. 151)

Author: Peter Howard, Publisher: Coroneos Publications

Vocabulary Builder Level 2 for Years 5-8 is part of the popular Basic Skills series. Improve your spelling and writing ability! Increase your word power!

This book contains 60 practice pages in vocabulary building. A child is motivated to improve his or her vocabulary by writing, in the answer spaces, words selected from the multiple-choice box. The exposure to these words, which are placed in context, improves the child's spelling and ability to construct sentences.

Each child who uses this book should be encouraged to consult a dictionary if he or she is unsure of any word.The answer section is placed in the middle of the book so that it can be removed by a parent.

Another book at this level is also published in the Basic Skills series titled Spelling/Vocabulary Level 3 for Years 5 to 8. It is divided into spelling in context from stories, spelling crosswords and vocabulary in topics.

Peter Howard is an ex-primary school principal and author of many widely used school textbooks and teaching aids.

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Year Level Year 5, Year 6, Year 7, Year 8
ISBN 9781862941618
Subject English