Year 11 3 Unit Mathematics Course

Author: Jim Coroneos, Publisher: Coroneos Publications

This text is an older edition, still very much appreciated by teachers and students alike for extra worked examples and practice.

When writing this text, Jim Coroneos endeavoured to incorporate the following points:

  • modern mathematical terminology and precise language are used throughout
  • special attention is given to the treatment of basic mathematical ideas such as variable, function, limit and number laws.
  • Each topic is dealt with thoroughly and is applied to a wide variety of situations introducing where appropriate, ideas from algebra, trigonometry, analytic geometry and calculus.
  • Proofs are carefully developed, stressing the deductive processes used.
  • Grading of examples is given particular attention and whilst the majority of the questions will meet the needs of the average student, there are many exercises designed to extend the more advanced. Dificult  examples are marked with asterisks.
  • Complete answers to all exercises have been provided to allow students to work independently and to this end, directed exercises have been included in many chapters.
More Information
Year Level Year 11
ISBN 9781862940062
Subject Maths, Mathematics Extension 1