Year/Grade 4 Tests (O.C.) Multiple Choice Yrs 4-5 (Basic Skills No. 125)

Author: Peter Howard, Publisher: Coroneos Publications

This book contains practice tests which are essential for those sitting Opportunity Class Tests (OC) at Year 4 for entry to Year 5 in NSW primary schools. They also prepare pupils who enter independent schools at Year 4 or Year 5 level in all states or countries. In addition the tests provide early preparation for the Selective School tests and Scholarship Examinations to secondary independent schools.

In the comprehension tests there is a wide variety of reading which includes poetry, conversation, narratives, map reading, explanations, instructions and factual or personal recounts. A small section on written expression / creative writing follows with suggested topics and useful rules.

The general ability tests include general knowledge questions and concentrates on examples to improve a student's ability to think quickly and accurately.

The maths tests cover all aspects of the course at Year 3 level and progress to more challenging material towards the end of each paper.

Answers are included in a removable section in the middle of the book.

Peter Howard is an ex-primary school principal and author of many widely used school textbooks and teaching aids.

More Information
Year Level Year 4, Year 5
ISBN 9781862941359
Subject General Ability (IQ), Maths