Succeeding in Science 6 (Basic Skills No. 164)

Author: Graeme Wilson, Publisher: Coroneos Publications

The aim of the Series "Succeeding in Science" has been to supply enough material to enable students to gain an insight into the scientific and technological world around them. The Series has been written to cover basic Science & Technology topics for year 1 to year 7. Science however, is not simply a body of knowledge, but a controlled exploration. Accordingly, where appropriate, probing questions and easy experiments are included to extend comprehension and understanding and to stimulate in students a desire to investigate.

In Books 1 and 2 (Years 1 and 2), questions have been especially framed to develop the student's visual and verbal comprehension.

In Books 3 to 7 (Years 3 to 7), each topic contains a formal section designed to test how well the student is able to think his or her way through a problem.

Each book follows the format of the Basic Skills Series with comprehension questions and removable answers.


  • Essential Air: What is air? Properties of Air, The atmosphere.
  • Wonderful Water: What is water? Properties of water. Water good & bad.
  • Powerful Wind: What is wind? Wind - good & bad.
  • Exciting Electricity: What is electricity? Electricity - good & bad.
  • People & Environments: The earth's resources,  Our polluted air, Water, a vital resource, A resource-hungry world.
  • Revision Crossword

Graeme Wilson is a much travelled author and experienced teacher who has written numerous geography and social science textbooks.

More Information
Year Level Year 6
Date of Publication 2004
ISBN 9781862941700
Subject Science