Supplement for 3 Unit Mathematics (Item No. 11)

Author: Jim Coroneos, Publisher: Coroneos Publications

At the time of publishing, this book was designed to supplement existing texts for the previous HSC 3 Unit Course in Mathematics such as Jim Coroneos's 3 Unit text (Coroneos Item No. 8), and in conjunction with them, to fully cover the New 3 Unit Course.

The author, Jim Coroneos was an extremely talented and dedicated maths teacher and author of many bestselling books.


  • Basic Arithmetic
  • Basic Algebra
  • Plane Geometry - the straight line
  • Plane Geometry - the circle
  • Further Inequalities
  • Further Heights and Distances in Trigonometry
  • Further Series
  • Further Locus in Analytical Geometry
  • Approximation Methods for Evaluating Definite Integrals
  • Further Logarithms
  • Rates of Change in Calculus
  • Growth and Decay
  • Further Trigonometry
  • Change of Variable in Calculus
  • Further Binomial Theorem
  • Further Probability
  • Answers
More Information
Year Level Year 12
ISBN 9781862940109
Subject Maths, Mathematics Extension 1
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